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Branch review "Rating retailers FMCG of Russia. Results 2010-2011"
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Branch review "Rating retailers FMCG of Russia. Results 2010-2011"

Дата выпуска: 11 января 2011
Количество страниц: 50
Срок предоставления работы: 1 день
ID: 35350
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Описание Содержание Выпуски
Branch review "Rating retailers FMCG of Russia. Results 2010-2011" includes the provision of 12 issues of a monthly review "Rating retailers FMCG of Russia" - analysis and forecast of macroeconomic indicators of retail trade of the Russian Federation, the description of the current status and outlook of the Russian retail market, assess key aspects of state regulation of retail and FL-381 "On the basis of state regulation of commercial activity in Russia" description of the major trends and key operating performance of retailers FMCG, rating of the largest retailers FMCG by number of stores, shopping plazas, revenue, operating results TOP-90 networks in the dynamics of FMCG in 2006, the structure of retail trade by commodity and by type of organization, major developments in the retail FMCG Russia. Description section of retailers contains detailed information about the activities and the development of top-10 largest retailers of Russia.

The main purpose of the branch review "Rating retailers FMCG of Russia. Results 2010-2011" - providing information about the operating and financial performance of retailers on the results 2010 and 2011, needs for operational, statistical and analytical information on the Russian retail market and retailers FMCG throughout 2010.

Each edition of the monthly industry survey "Rating retailers FMCG of Russia" contains timely and relevant information about the development of trade chains during the reporting period, as well as:

  • Highlights FMCG retailers for the month.
  • Forecasts and outcomes of the networks;
  • Information about the opening of new retail space, developing new retail formats, sales of trading networks from 2006 to the current month;
  • Plans for development of commercial networks and investment projects;
  • Detailed contact information networks FMCG;
  • Features Interoperability with vendors;
  • Major developments in the retail market;
  • The structure of retail trade by commodity and type of trade organizations;
  • Regional structure of retail trade turnover.

Branch review "Rating FMCG retailers of Russia. Results 2010-2011" prepared on the basis of a set of information sources:

  • media materials (print media, electronic media, federal and regional news agencies);
  • materials retailers and suppliers companies (press releases of this Web site, annual and quarterly reports, prospectus and investment memoranda);
  • Financial information networks, according to international standards (audited and management)
Daily bulletins prepared by the agency "INFOLine" within the service "Thematic News".

1 Introduction 3
2 Rating of FMCG retailers in Russia  4

 2.1 Performance results of TOP 90 FMCG chains 4
 2.2 The rating of FMCG retail chains of Russia in terms of number of stores 6
 2.3 The rating of FMCG retail chains of Russia in terms of trading floorspace 8
 2.4 The rating of FMCG retail chains of Russia in terms of net sales 11
3 Section I. Development of retail trade in Russia 14
 3.1 Macroeconomical figures of the retail trade 14
 3.2 State regulation of retail industry 15
 3.3 The structure of retail sales by the categories of goods 15
 3.4 The structure of retail sales by the categories of trading units 16
 3.5 Regional structure of retail sales 18
 3.6 Incomes and expenditures of the population 20
 3.7 Inflation at the market of food commodities 22
 3.8 Consumer expectations and confidence of population 25
4 Section II. Events and development plans of FMCG retail chains 27
 4.1 X5 Retail Group N.V. / Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel and Perekrestok-express trading chain
X5 Retail Group N.V. / Pyaterochka trading chain 30
X5 Retail Group N.V. V. / Perekrestok retail chain 32
X5 Retail Group N. V. / Karusel retail chain 33
X5 Retail Group N. V. (Express-retail) / Perekrestok express trading chain, Citymag 34
X5 Retail Group N. V. / Оstrov retail chain 35
 4.2 Magnit, JSC / Magnit retail chain 35
 4.3 Auchan / Auchan and Atac trading chain 37
Auchan Ltd. /Auchan trading chain 37
Atac-Rossiya, Ltd. / Atac retail chain 37
 4.4 Metro Group / Metro Cash&Carry and Real retail chains 39
METRO Cash and Carry, LTD. / Metro Cash&Carry retail chain 39
Real-Hypermarket, LTD. / Real retail chain 41
 4.5 O'Key, LTD. / O'Key retail chain 41
 4.6 Torgoviy Dom Kopeika, JSC / Kopeika retail chain 43
 4.7 Lenta, LTD. / Lenta Cash&Carry retail chain 45
 4.8 Diksi Group, JSC / Diksi trading chain, Megamart, Minimart 47
 4.9 Sedmoi Kontinent, JSC / Sedmoi Kontinent retail chain 48
 4.10 Victoria, GK / retail chain Victoria, Kvartal, Deshevo, Semeinaya Kopilka 49
Victoria, GK / retail chain Victoria, Kvartal, Deshevo 49
Victoria, GK / retail chain Semeinaya Kopilka 50