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Street food market in Russia. Street stalls/kiosks segment
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DISCOVERY Research Group

Street food market in Russia. Street stalls/kiosks segment

Дата выпуска: 26 мая 2016
Количество страниц: 76
Срок предоставления работы: 1 день
ID: 35745
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Описание Содержание

The report consists of 8 chapters.

Chapter 1 includes methodological aspects of the report:purpose, methods and resources.

In Chapter 2, there is information about volume of the catering market in Russia, market growth and key trends.

Chapter 3 includes information about consumer spendings on catering market in Russia.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to the description of competitive landscape of the catering market in Russia.

In Chapter 5, there is information about foodservice market in Russia, leaders and key players on the market and their characteristics.

Chapter 6 is dedicated to marketing particularities and to special aspects of the business running improvement.

 Chapter 7 includes information about key trends and tendencies of the catering marketing in Russia, different aspects of market segmentation.

In Chapter 8, there is information about franchising process and mechanism on the catering market in Russia.

The purpose of research

The description of a current situation and the evaluation of development prospects of the street food market in Russia. A detailed analysis of the stalls and kiosks segment.

Objectives of research

1. Evaluation of the key figures of the foodservice market in Russia: market sizes, market growth rates, units and consumer spendings on foodservices.

2. Description of consumer spendings characteristics and its dynamics. Analysis of its dependence on population category and geographical aspect.

3. Characteristic of the market key trends and prospects.

4. Analysis of the market condition in federal districts.

5. Description of the competitive landscape on catering market in Russia.

6. Analysis of stalls/kiosks segment in Russia, sales dynamics, company and brand shares, prospects.

Study subject

Catering market in Russia. 

Data collection and analyzing method

Paper monitoring.

The key object of the desktop research is forecasting the future catering market situation in Russia and evaluation of the present and future numerical characteristics.


1. Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation, FSSS

2. DataMonitor, EuroMonitor, Eurostat materials.

3. Print and electronic business and special media, analytical surveys.

4. Internet-sources.

5. Experts’ inquiries.

6. Domestic and world market players’ materials

7. Marketing and consulting agencies reports.

8. Databases and materials of branch institutions.

9. UnitedNationsStatisticsDivision: CommodityTradeStatistics, IndustrialCommodityStatistics, FoodandAgricultureOrganization

10. InternationalMonetaryFund

11. WorldBankmaterials.

12. World Trade Organization materials.

13. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development materials.

14. International Trade Centre materials.

15. Index Mundi materials.

16. DISCOVERY Research Group researches and its results.

Sample size and structure

The procedure of documents content analysis does not involve a calculation of the sample volume. Processing and analysis documents are available to the researcher.

Detailed contents:
Contents 8
Tables: 10
Charts: 10
Resume 12
Chapter 1. Research unctional specifications 13
     §1.1. The purpose of research 13
     §1.2. Objectives of research 13
     §1.3. Study subject 13
     §1.4. Data collection and analyzing method 13
     §1.5. Resources 13
     §1.6. Sample size and structure 14
Chapter 2. Russian catering market key trends 15
     §2.1. Market size 15
     §2.2. Market volumes by the Federal Districts 17
     §2.3. Foodservice value growth 19
     §2.4. Quantity, capacity and floorspace of foodservice outlets 22
     §2.5. Market prospects 28
Chapter 3. Consumer spending on foodservice 29
     §3.1. Consumer spendings dynamic 29
     §3.2. Consumer spending on foodservice in terms of economic performance 31
     §3.3. Consumer spending on foodservice in terms of geographical aspect 34
Chapter 4. Competitive landscape 35
Chapter 5. Foodservice market landscape 38
     §5.1. Market characteristics 38
     §5.2. Market segmentation by sevice type 38
     §5.3. Market organization by segments 38
     §5.4. Segments capacity dynamic 39
     §5.5. Catering facilities in segments 40
     §5.6. Dynamic of changes in the number of catering facilities by segments, from December 2013 to March 2015 41
     §5.7. Segment characteristic 43
     §5.8. Segment description 43
     §5.9. Volume of sales and number of sales outlets 43
     §5.10. Consumer audience 43
     §5.11. Leaders in segment 45
          5.11.1. Stardog!s 46
          5.11.2. Brand description 46
          5.11.3. Sales outlets 46
          5.11.4. Franchising 47
     §5.12. Kroshka-Kartoshka 48
          5.12.1. Segment description 48
          5.12.2. Sales outlets 48
          5.12.3. Consumer audience 49
          5.12.4. Sales outlets 50
     §5.13. Teremok 52
          5.13.1. Segment description 52
          5.13.2. Sales outlets 52
          5.13.3. Sales outlets 52
          5.13.4. Main events 53
Chapter 6. Marketing particularities 54
     §6.1. Special aspects of pricing formation 54
     §6.2. Aspects of menu planning 55
     §6.4. Restaurant and staff management 62
Chapter 7. Foodservice market trends 67
     §7.1. Fast food segment developement 67
     §7.2. Street food segment developement 68
     §7.3. Expantion of networks on account of bedroom commodity 69
     §7.4. Franchising development 70
     §7.5. Geographical trends in the market 71
     §7.6. Reducing the number of sales points in early 2015 71
Chapter 8. Franchising 73
List of appendices; tables and charts number and names:

The report includes 7 tables and 24 figures.

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