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Shipbuilding Industry of Russia. Results of 2013 and Prognosis till 2020
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Shipbuilding Industry of Russia. Results of 2013 and Prognosis till 2020

Дата выпуска: 10 июня 2014
Количество страниц: 500
Срок предоставления работы: 1 день
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Описание Содержание

The main objective of the Shipbuilding Industry of Russia, Results of 2013 and Forecast till 2020 Report is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the current conditions of shipbuilding industry inRussia and to develop a long-term forecast for the industry’s development and the demand for the production of various shipbuilding segments. To accomplish it the following tasks need to be tackled:

  • Description of Russian shipbuilding industry’s condition in the 1st quarter of 2014, its specificities and challenges it has to face
  • Analysis of the influence of the crisis, experienced by the United Shipbuilding Corporation, on the overall situation in the industry
  • Description of the main consumers of shipbuilding industry’s production inRussia(the Navy, sea and ocean companies, inland cargo shipping companies, fishing companies etc.)
  • Description and development trends of the Navy in terms of the main types of combat surface and subsurface vessels; conditions and prospects of military-technical cooperation with foreign governments (with account of economic sanctions in response to theCrimea’s annexation)
  • Description of the main segments of the civil fleet (maritime and inland cargo fleets, fishery and scientific research fleets, special purpose vessels and maritime structures), existing as of the 1st quarter of 2014
  • Description of the main industry’s development tendencies – strategic planning, improvement of the large structure’s operational efficiency, stimulation of the industry, issues of shipbuilding technology development
  • Characteristics of investment projects aimed at creation of new shipbuilding capacities and description of accompanying problems
  • Forecast for shipbuilding industry’s development by segments of civil and navy shipbuilding till 2020 (cargo fleet, vessels and structures for development of the shelf, fishing fleet, scientific research and special purpose vessels, navy surface ships and boats, nuclear and diesel submarines) with account of alterations in their financing and shipbuilding orders portfolio as of  the 1st quarter of 2014
  • Compilation of INFOLine Shipbuilding Russia ТОР Rating of shipbuilding enterprises of Russia according to results of 2013, with account of shipbuilding orders, already executed and under execution, as of the 1st quarter of 2014, as well as fu\financial indicators of the enterprises’ operations
  • Assessment of the current operational, HR and financial potential of shipbuilding enterprises ofRussia, their executed and prospects orders (including the recently created the Crimean federal district), development prospects of enterprises
  • Description of orders portfolios of shipbuilding enterprises based on the Database of  Orders for Building Ships at Russian Shipyards
  • §  Descriptions of changes taking place in the Russian shipbuilding industry, with account of the Crimea’s annexation and reflagging of the Ukrainian Navy in the Black Sea that joined the Russian Navy;  considerations of possible international sanctions against Russia after the Crimea’s annexation

The Report contains the analysis of factors that influence the current and prospects development of the Russian shipbuilding. The factorial and quantitative forecast for the main segments of shipbuilding: ships and vessels of the Navy, cargo and support fleets (maritime and inland), fishing vessels, maritime vessels and structures for shelf fields development.

An important feature of the Shipbuilding Industry of Russia, Results of 2013 and Forecast till 2020 Report is inclusion of the updated chapter with the ranking of shipbuilding enterprises and holdings of Russia, with account of the results of 2013. The ranking is done by financial indicators, tonnage and assessed value of vessels, completed and under construction. The ranking was updated according to financial results of the enterprises’ reporting for the full 2012 and 2013 – with regard to joint stock companies. The ranking by types of commissioned vessels was prepared with the help of the Database of Orders of Shipbuilding Yards of Russia, including data for the total of 2013. The database was compiled byINFOLineIA and is regularly updated. According to this database, in 2013 the Russian shipyards built 262 ships and vessels with total tonnage of 612 ths t. In 2014-2015 it is planned to deliver more than 200 ships and vessels of all types with total tonnage of about 650 ths t. It means that utilization of capacities at Russian shipyards remains low – from 30% to 50%. This negatively affects their financial stability and operational efficiency. While the aggregate revenue of 30 largest enterprises is more than 190 bln rbl for 2013, the growth of this indicator came to about 13% vs. 2012. Meanwhile, the average net profit margin was 9.3%, while in 2012 this indicator was -2.9%.

Structurally, the Shipbuilding Industry of Russia, Results of 2013 and Forecast till 2020 Report consists of two parts. Part 1 consists of 7 sections and contains the overall analysis of shipbuilding industry ofRussia and development forecast for Russian shipbuilding during next years. This part of the Report was supplemented by a new section, describing history and conditions of the shipbuilding enterprises in the the Crimean federal district that came into existence in March 2014.

Part 2 consists of 4 sections with ratings of shipbuilding enterprises ofRussia, compiled by several parameters. Also this part of the Report includes reference data for 50 Russian enterprises, operating in shipbuilding and ship repairing (including enterprises of the Crimean federal district) and for 9 design bureaus of theRussian Federationand major Russian shipping companies.

The reference data contain information about the owners of shipyards, the holding structures they may belong to, about types of vessels under construction or repair at these enterprises. The data on financial results of the enterprises’ operations and development prospects are also included.


About Shipbuilding Industry of Russia, Results of 2013 and Forecast till 2020 Report


Part 1.  Analysis and forecast for shipbuilding industry’s development in Russia


Section 1. General description of the shipbuilding industry of Russia


Structure and dynamics of the world shipbuilding market

Maine specific features of the Russian shipbuilding market

Challenges of the shipbuilding industry of Russia


Section 2. Conditions and prospects of the Russian civil fleet


Brief description of the major shipping companies

  • Sovremenniy Kommercheskiy Flot (Sovkomflot), JSC
  • Primorskoe Morskoe Parohodstvo, JSC
  • Dalnevostochnoe Morskoe Parohodstvo (FESCO), JSC


Main groups of vessels

  • Maritime fleet
  • Inland waterway fleet
  • Fishing fleet
  • Development of the continental shelf
  • Prospective expenditures on civil maritime equipment and shipbuilding development


Section 3. Conditions of the state-owned Navy and civil fleets


Key specific features and structure of the Russian Navy

  • Submarine Navy fleet of Russia
  • Surface Navy fleet of Russia
  • Program of military-technical cooperation


Icebreaking fleet

  • High latitude navigation
  • Atomic icebreakers
  • Diesel icebreakers


Scientific research vessels


Floating nuclear power plants


Section 4. Development tendencies of the shipbuilding industry in Russia


Problems that need to be solved for further development of the industry

Strategic planning

Legal groundwork for shipbuilding industry’s operations

Research and technology measures, optimization of the production potential

Implementation of leasing arrangements in shipbuilding


Section 5. Prospects for construction of new and modernization of operative shipbuilding enterprises


Projects under construction

  • Zvezda shipbuilding complex  (Primorie Territory)
  • Zapadnaya shipyard (Kaliningrad)
  • Modernization of operative shipbuilding enterprises
  • Development of new small-size shipyards


Prospective projects

  • Development of new shipbuilding capacities in polar regions


Postponed and suspended projects

  •  Novo-Admiralteyskie shipyards (St. Petersburg)
  •  Vostok-Raffles (Primorie Territory)


Section 6. Shipbuilding enterprises of the Crimean federal district


History of shipbuilding facilities of Ukraine

Shipbuilding facilities of Ukraine during the Soviet period

Shipbuilding facilities of Ukraine during the independence period (1991-2013)

Regional structure of shipbuilding industry of Ukraine

Shipbuilding facilities of the Crimean federal district the RF in 2014

Changes in status of the Ukrainian Navy and maritime frontier guard of Ukraine in the Crimea in 2014

Development prospects of the shipbuilding industry in the Crimean federal district of the RF


Section 7. Development forecast for shipbuilding industry


Analysis of factors influencing the industry’s conditions and development

Possible consequences of the act on governmental support of shipbuilding and navigation

Prospects of subsurface navy shipbuilding

  • Nuclear-powered submarines
  • Diesel-powered submarines

Prospects of surface Navy shipbuilding

  • Plans to renovate Orlan project 1144 (heavy nuclear powered missiles-carrier cruiser)
  • Purchase of Mistral helicopter carriers
  • Building of fast attack crafts

Military-technical cooperation

  • Relations with main buyers
  • Actions of competitors in MTC sector
  • Prospects for Russian shipbuilding regarding MTC

Building periods and capacities of Russian enterprises

Quality and capacities of Russian enterprises regarding foreign orders

Special-purpose vessels and constructions 

Heavy-tonnage cargo shipbuilding

Prospects for individual segments of shipbuilding

Quantitave forecast for shipbuilding at Russian yards

Building of subsurface vessels

Building of surface navy vessels

Building of auxiliary navy fleet

Special-purpose vessels and structures 

Maritime and inland cargo vessels

Support vessels

Fishing fleet

Scientific research fleet


Part 2. Description of the major shipbuilding enterprises of Russia


Section 8. Rating of shipbuilding enterprises of Russia


Rating by financial indicators

  • Comparison by revenue
  • Comparison by gross profit
  • Comparison by net profit

Rating by characteristics of delivered vessels

Rating by characteristics of orders portfolio


Section 9. Largest Russian shipbuilding holdings and their enterprises


 United Shipbuilding Corporation, JSC


Northern Centre of Shipbuilding and Repair, JSC

  •  Zvezdochka Shiprepairing Centre, JSC   
  •  Nerpa Shiprepairing Plant


Western Centre of Shipbuilding, JSC

  • Admiralteyskie Shipyards, JSC
  • Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding Plant, JSC
  • Pribaltiyskiy Shipbuilding Plant Yantar, JSC  
  • Baltiyiskiy Plant, JSC 
  • Vyborgskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC   
  • Sredne-Nevskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC 
  • Krasnoe Sormovo Plant, JSC


Far Eastern Centre of Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing, JSC

  • Amurskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC  
  • Khabarovskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC
  • Zvezda Dalnevostochniy Plant, JSC  


Southern Centre of Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing, JSC

  • Shipbuilding Plant named after K.Marx, JSC  
  • Kriushinskiy Shipbuilding-Shiprepairing Plant, JSC
  • Novorossiyiskiy Shiprepairing Plant, JSC
  • Tuapsinskiy Shiprepairing Plant, JSC
  • Rosshelf, JSC (Kaspiyskaya Energiya Group, JSC)
  • Astrakhanskoe Shipbuilding Production Association, JSC
  • Lotos Shipbuilding Plant, JSC


Holdings that do not belong to United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC


  • Universal Cargo Logistics Holding B.V.
  • Okskaya shipyard, JSC
  • Borremflot, JSC
  • Pamyat Parizhskoy Kommuny Shipbuilding Plant, JSC
  • Rechnaya Shipbuilding Yard, LLC
  • Voznesenskaya REB Flota, JSC


AEON Corporation

  • Nobel Brothers Shipyard, LLC
  • Moscow Shipbuilding-Shiprepairing Plant, JSC

 FPG Skorostnoy Flot, Central Company, JSC

  • Volga Shipbuilding Plant, JSC


Marine design bureaus


Rubin Central Marine Design Bureau, JSC

Malachite St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau, JSC

Iceberg Central Design Bureau, JSC

Krylovskiy Governmental Scientific Centre, FGUP

Nevskoe Design Bureau, JSC

Severnoe Design Bureau, JSC

Zelenodolskoe Design Bureau, JSC

Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil Ships named after R.E. Alekseev, JSC

Almaz Marine Design Bureau, JSC  


Section 10. Enterprises not affiliated with shipbuilding holdings   


Vympel Shipbuilding Plant, JSC

Verhnekamskiy Shipbuilding Complex, LLC   

Volgogradskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC   

Vostochnaya Shipyard, JSC   

Gorodetskiy Shiprepairing Plant, LLC  

Zelenodolskiy Plant named after A. M. Gorky, JSC   

Kostromskoy Shipbuilding-Shiprepairing Plant, JSC   

Krasnoyarskaya Shipbuilding Yard, JSC   

Leningradskiy Shipbuilding Plant Pella, JSC  

Almaz Marine Plant

Almaz Shipbuilding Firm

Nevskiy Shipbuilding-Shiprepairing Plant, LLC   

Nizhegorodskiy Teplohod, JSC   

Sosnovskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC  

Shiprepairing-Shipbuilding Corporation, JSC   

Almaz Shipbuilding Firm, JSC   

Krasnye Barrikady Shipbuilding Plant, JSC

Shipbuilding Plant named after October Revolution, JSC  

Chkalovskaya Shipyard, JSC  

Yaroslavskiy Shipbuilding Plant, JSC   


Section 11. Enterprises of the Crimean federal district


Feodosiyiskaya Shipbuilding Company More, JSC

Sevastopolskiy Marine Plant, PJSC

Zaliv Shipbuilding Plant, PJSC

Primorets Shipbuilding Plant, PJSC

Marine Industrial Complex, PJSC

Craneship, LLC

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