Russian resorts: Main Trends and Development prospects. Sochi.
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Russian resorts: Main Trends and Development prospects. Sochi.

Дата выпуска: 1 октября 2009
Количество страниц: 29
Срок предоставления работы: 1 день
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This Research will let you gain full understanding of the resort of Sochi.

We analyze such aspects as general indexes of the tourism and recreation sphere of Russia, main tourism destinations and resorts, the most popular tourist regions of Russia, the tourist zone of Krasnodar Kray and its investment potential, analysis of supply and accomodation costs in Sochi depending upon location, category and type of accomodation. The Research has a special focus on comparing Sochi to other similar resorts in Russia and abroad and identifying its main competitive advantages and prospects. Basing on the Research, we give our recommendations to investors and developers planning/ contemplating projects in Sochi.

This Research is part of The Russian Resorts: Main Trends and Development Prospects Research. In the future, we'll also prepare reports on other resort and tourist zones including the Black Sea Coast, Altay, Baykal, the Golden Ring, etc.
Tourism and Recreation in Russia. General trends

The Main Vacation Destinations in Russia

Krasnodar Kray

Tourist zone description

Investment potential of the region

Sochi, the main sea resort of Russia

General information about the resort



Trends and prospects

Comparative analysis of Sochi and other similar resorts in Russia and abroad

Competitive advantages of the region, solutions and recommendations

Attachment 1. Means of accomodation with the most expensive rooms in Sochi

Attachment 2. The biggest means of accomodation in Sochi

Attachment 3. Influence of the Olympics over hotels markets of Olympic capitals

Attachment 4. Investment projects of tourism and recreation sphere

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