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Locomotive Market of Russia and 1520 Space Countries, Results of 2011 and Prognosis till 2015
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Locomotive Market of Russia and 1520 Space Countries, Results of 2011 and Prognosis till 2015

Дата выпуска: 25 апреля 2012
Количество страниц: 255
Срок предоставления работы: 1 день
ID: 35478
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Описание Содержание

1520 space countries are characterized by one of the largest traction stock fleets in the world (almost 40 thousand complete units including industrial railway transport), by high level of its depreciation and acute need for the stock’s modernization and renewal. This makes the market of the formerUSSRthe largest and most attractive one in the world and determines quite noticeable interest towards imports and creation of joint ventures with machine-engineering companies ofUSA, Europe andChina. Besides, tens of billions of US dollars will be invested in countries of 1520 space in the context of infrastructure development, formation and expansion of traction and rolling stock fleet for introduction of high-speed traffic.

In 2011-2012 the shortage of locomotives inRussiabecame one of the key factors that determined aggravation of operational figures for the railways network, slowing of freight delivery and decreasing reliability of the railway transport. Despite the fact that in 2011 RZHD JSC implemented an investment program of record-braking volumes, which allowed purchasing of 453 locomotives, the demand for renewal of the fleet is satisfied by less than 60%.

Taking into account the acute emergency of the subject – the analysis of conditions and development possibilities of the traction stock in Russia and other 1520 space countries – in May 2012 INFOLine IA published its Locomotive Market of Russia and 1520 Space Countries, Results of 2011 and Prognosis till 2015 research.

In the process of its preparation the specialists ofINFOLineIAevaluated the capacity of Russian traction stock market, analyzed the dynamics of manufacturing, export and import of the traction stock, characterized the conditions and structure of the traction stock fleets of the railway administrations of 1520 space.

The Locomotive Market of Russia and 1520 Space Countries, Results of 2011 and Prognosis till 2015 research includes description of the current conditions of investment projects and development outlooks for railways and traction stock fleets of Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland.

The structure of the research includes the following main sections:


Section I. Description of the traction stock and railway engineering. This section includes description of the main indexes of the railway engineering industry of Russia in 2000-2011, abrief description of the present conditions and development trends for the mainline traction stock in Russia, projections for renewal demand of locomotive fleet till 2015, characterization of specificities and trends of integration processes in 1520 space, harmonization of railway engineering industry technical regulation parameters.


Section II. The description of RZHD JSC and private operators’ traction stock conditions includes volume and structure indexes of traction stock fleet for Rossiyskie Zheleznie Dorogi JSC (Russian Railways), private railway transporters (Zheleznie Dorogi Yakutii JSC) and private operators of mainline traction stock (Globaltrans Investment plc.; Novaya Perevozochnaya Kompaniya JSC, BaltTransServis JSC, Gazpromtrans JSC, TransOil JSC; Firma Transgarant JSC, Dalnevostochnaya Transportnaya Gruppa JSC, Obyedinennaya Transportno-Ekspeditorskaya Kompaniya, CJSC (OTEKO, CJSC)). The data on the traction stock fleet of the owners and operators is structured according to locomotives’ types (electric, diesel-electric), locomotives’ function (mainline freight, shunting), as well as models of locomotives.


Section III. The conditions of the traction stock of 1520 space railway administrations. This section contains description of current conditions of the infrastructure, traction and rolling stock of the railways in Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Georgia, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Mongolia, Republic of Turkmenistan Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Kirgizia, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Finland), the key projects, problems and development outlooks of the railway administrations in 1520 space countries, as well as comparison characteristics digures of locomotives and cars utilization for passenger and freight transportation in 1520 space countries. The description of railway traction stock of each country takes into account the data of Railways Co-operation Organization, Union Internationale des Chemins de fer(UIC), United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, Federal Customs Service of RF, data on  registration of operating locomotives (structures by models and railway yards of registration), official data of CIS and Baltic States railway administrations, as well as information from open sources.


Section IV. Current condition and development outlooks for the traction stock market of 1520 space countries. This section includes analysis of the current condition and development outlooks of the diesel-electric locomotives and electric locomotives market, description of markets’ volume dynamics in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other 1520 space countries according to indexes of production, import and export of new traction stock, import and export of used traction stock, as well as the prognosis till 2015. Also it is devoted to description of the current conditions of the high-speed traffic in 1520 space countries, the main milestones of its development till 2015, as well as analysis of the key parameters of high-speed railway traffic arrangement.


Section V. Description of the main traction stock models of 1520 space countries. The section contains structured description of locomotives, produced in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Georgia, Lithuania: mainline passenger diesel-electric locomotives (TEP70BS, TEP70U, TEP150, CKD9A), mainline freight and freight-and-passenger diesel-electric locomotives (2M62, 2TE25A Vityaz, 2TE25K Peresvet, 2TE70, ER20CF, 2TE116, 2TE116U, 2TE116UM, TE33A, CKD4B, CKD9C, 2ZAGAL), shunting diesel-electric locomotives (TEM18, TEM18DM, TEM18V, TEM TMH, TEM35, TEM9, TEM9H, TEM14, TE8, TEM7A, TGM6D, TGM4B, TEM31, TEM103, TE16Z (GKD3B), CKD6E), mainline passenger electric locomotives (EP2K, EP10, EP1, EP1M, EP20, KZ4A, KZ4AС, KZ8A, O’ZBEKISTON), mainline freight and freight-and-passenger electric locomotives (DE1, DS3, DS4, VL11M/6, 6E1, 8E1, HXD2, 2EL5, 2EL4, 2ES5K, 2ES4K, 3ES5K, E5K, 2ES5, 2ES6, 2ES10, EP1P), industrial electric locomotives of Russian production (NP1, NPM2, ZKRA-600, K4, K7, K10, K14, K28, K10U, K14U), as well as high-speed passenger trains Siemens Velaro RUS, Siemens Desiro Rus, Talgo 250, Stadler FLIRT, since those models are exported to countries of 1520 space in the context of the projects aimed at development of high-speed passenger traffic. The description includes designation of the series and manufacturing company, function of locomotives, technical specifications, specific design features of the series and images of locomotives (or a drawing – for projects under preparation for certification).


Detailed table of contents of the research:

About Locomotive Market ofRussiaand 1520 space countries research

SectionI.Description of the traction stock and railway engineering market

The main key figures of railway engineering industry in Russia

Production of the traction stock in Russia

Outlooks for development of railway engineering industry inRussia.

Integration processes in 1520 space countries

Section II. Condition of the traction stock fleet of RZHD JSC and private operators

Rossiyskie Zheleznye Dorogi, JSC(Russian Railways)

Private railway carriers

Private operators of the railway traction stock

Section  III. Condition of the traction stock fleets of 1520 space railway administrations

Analysus of the railway infrastructure conditions and traffic dynamics

Description of 1520 space countries railway administrations

Belaruskaya Chyhunka State Railway Company (Belarusian Railway)

The State Administration of Railway Transport ofUkraineUkrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railway)

NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC (Kazahstan railway)

Azerbaijan Demir Yollari CJSC (Azerbaidjan railways)

Georgian Railway LLC

South Caucasus Railway CJSC (Armenian railway)

Uzbekiston Temir Yullari State Railway Joint Stock Company (Uzbekistanrailways)

Ulaanbataar Tömör Zam State Railway Company (Mongoliarailway)

Turkmen Demir Yollari State Railway Company (Turkmenistanrailway)

Rokhy Okhany Tochikiston State Railway Company (Tajik railway)

KyrgyzTemirŽolyStateRailway Company (Kirgizrailway)

Calea Feratǎ dinMoldova(Railway of Moldova State Enterprise)

Eesti Raudtee JSC (Estonian railway)

Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai JSC (Lithuanian railways)

Latvijas Dzelzceļš SJSC (Latvian railway)

VR Group, LLC (Finnish railway)

Section  IV. Current condition and development outlooks of the traction stock market in 1520 space countries

Development outlooks of the traction stock fleet in 1520 space countries

Current condition and development outlooks of diesel-electric locomotives market

Current condition and development outlooks of electric locomotives market

Current condition and development outlooks of high-speed traffic


Section  V. Description of the main traction stock models of 1520 space countries

Description of main diesel-electric locomotives models

Mainline freight gas-turbine locomotives

Mainline passenger diesel-electric locomotives

Mainline freight diesel-electric locomotives

Shunting diesel-electric locomotives

Description of main electric locomotives models

Mainline passenger electric locomotives

Mainline freight electric locomotives

Industrial electric locomotives

Description of main high-speed electric trains models

Description of main industrial electric locomotives models


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