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Import of radiators for vehicles to Russia
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Import of radiators for vehicles to Russia

Дата выпуска: 11 июня 2009
Количество страниц: 17
Срок предоставления работы: 1 день
ID: 35444
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Описание Содержание
Main research objectives are:

1. Revelation of importers (distributors) of radiators for automotive and other vehicles in Russia. Estimation and analysis of import deliveries structure and volumes of radiators for automotive vehicles to Russia.

2. Revelation of foreign manufactures of radiators and processing parts for automotive vehicles in Russia. Definition of company locations and their contact information.

Information sources:

1. Data of the Russian Federal Customs Service.

2. Companies and mass-media information.

3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform North-West».

Outlook content:

The information collected according to research objectives is presented in the form of two sections.

The first section is dedicated to description of import deliveries of radiators and their parts to Russia declared in commodity group 870891 (radiators) of foreign trade activities codes, and counterparts, in particular: consignors' countries, consignees, deliveries volumes both in kind, and value terms.

Also, new radiators deliveries for automotive vehicles to Russia are analyzed in the report separately. As a result of analysis it is revealed ТОР-50 consignees companies of given products, their structure and description, import deliveries volumes both in kind and value terms.

Contact information on foreign manufacturers of radiators and processing parts for automotive vehicles, having representations or distributors in Russia is presented in the second section.

To check up reliability of any firms, to carry out analysis of their financial and economic activity efficiency and to get more detailed information on them you can address in CredInform North-West directly or on-line mode on the Agency Web site.

Problems with accounts receivable return - Agency experts have long-term experience of their resolving.


Importers (distributors) of radiators to Russia



Foreign manufacturers in Russia


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